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After a severe accident caused by a falling truck from the sky, a newly hired Oscar gets transferred to another dimension after realizing he needs to get out of a long lasting coma. After searching around, he spots a nearby school. Interested, he decides to enter to see what's up. He then later discovers two things. 1. He's in an all-female school. 2. Everyone's out to kill him. Thankfully for him, Scarletta quickly rushes into save his butt and take him to a secret lair, ran by Principle Birdenstein. They explain that Scarletta and him are disguising as the Secretary and Principle of the school respectively so they can freeze the students in ice one by one in order to save them from an upcoming apocalypse without being noticed because of previous events. However, Oscar has a purpose. Birdenstein has been looking for a trainer to help Scarletta master her Electric and Ice powers just this recently, and the first two failed because they died. So after a while of researching, they found out that he was the next best option to train her. (No, they didn't nearly kill him on purpose.) And now, the trio has to save the school, and save them from certain death while figuring out a way to wake Oscar from his coma.

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